The Infamous Fourth Trimester

We are totally going through the fourth trimester with our latest bundle of joy. /home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/fa5/43047330/files/2014/12/img_2298.jpgShe loves to be held… A LOT. Now, as much as I love holding her, I’ve got another little lady who requires just as much attention, if not more.


And she’s been very vocal about her needs.  We have been juggling between these two gals during the day. But once the boys are home from school, it’s a whole different story. I’m a little worried about what it will be like during the 3 week winter break. eeeks!! I’m frightened actually. People have asked us how we manage. All I can say is, we just do. I know one day, I will miss these crazy baby days.


I’ve been decluttering all year long. The problem is the amount of items that come into the house is almost equal to the amount of things I donate or trash. It doesn’t help that I get a lot of freebies from work.

Now that I’m on maternity leave, I’m on a mission to simplify and declutter. No more random items from the office. With the new year approaching, I’m hoping to finally clear my dining room table.

Oh, how embarrassing. My poor mister has been waiting all year for me to keep it clean. I have cleared it on occasion, but it still manages to be a drop zone for random things. Currently, there is a box of stuff waiting to be donated, an empty box I’m planning to fill with other why did I buy this stuff to donate, Christmas gifts waiting to be wrapped, miscellaneous “projects” I’ve been meaning to do, the list goes on…

Now that I think about it, I’d actually like to clear it by the end of the weekend. If I succeed, we’ll have a Christmas Eve dinner on this table. I don’t remember the last time we all ate at the table.

4 weeks today!

she's here!

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I can’t believe that it’s been 4 weeks since I gave birth to my “baby gurlfrriieend” or “bg” for short. I’ve been meaning to post my birth stories on my other kids on their birthdays, but obviously have not. So, before I don’t do it, here’s bg’s birth story.

On Saturday, November 15, which coincidentally was my grandfather’s birthday, I was feeling more cranky, more tired, more overwhelmed than usual. Since I was already in my 38 week, I knew bg would be coming any day. I had made a comment earlier in the week that what if my baby came during on my grandfather’s birthday. Maybe, I wanted her to and maybe, I willed her to come, but she ended up being born on around lunch time (12:39pm to be exact) on Sunday, November 16.

So, that Saturday night around 10pm, I started feeling contractions. Nothing to bad at first, but then 11pm hit, and the contractions started coming every 10 minutes. I called the doctor on call and because bg was my fourth child, I knew and the doctor knew that this baby may come out quickly.

Here’s the thing, I don’t live that close to the hospital and I have 3 other kids to worry about. We can’t take them to the hospital and have them “wait” for their baby sister to come out. Luckily, we have family around that can help us watch them. We called our family to ask them if we can drop off the kids now. By the time we got to the hospital which was around 12:30am, my contractions weren’t as strong as they were and they appeared to slow down. I was more relaxed at the hospital because I was resting and my feet were elevated, but every time I got up to go to the bathroom, the contractions would get stronger and stronger. However because of my gestational diabetes, I was strapped to a bunch of monitors which made it hard to stay standing.

At around 3am, the resident almost sent me home because I wasn’t progressing “fast” enough. By this time my contractions felt stronger, but I will admit that they weren’t as close as they should be. All I knew is that I was going to give birth that day and the doctors on call wanted to send me home. I asked them if they even contacted my doctor which they didn’t. My doctor and I were going to schedule an induction if nothing happened during that week. When I became more adamant about staying in the hospital, they decided to keep me since I had progressed a little. Finally, I was able to get my epidural.

Ahhhh, relief… finally. I was able to take a nap. But before that, the anesthesiologist was called to place an IV since the nurses couldn’t find my vein. I became dehydrated while at the hospital. They stuck me 4 times this time.

that time the anesthesiologist tried to find my vein for my IV and didn't. #pain

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OUCH! This hurt the most. She never made it into the vein. The IV began to drip and PAIN! But to be honest, I think the placement of the epidural hurt the most. I actually cried this time. I had a lot of emotion going into it too.

By the time morning hit, my doctor finally came into my room. He said he didn’t even know I was there. He was checking in on another patient and saw my name on the board. It was funny seeing him in regular clothes. He had to run an errand and would be back to check on my progress. I wasn’t dilated enough to start pushing yet. The nurses would be on my watch and let him know when the baby was ready to be delivered.

To get things moving along, they decided to give me Pitocin. (I actually received Pitocin when I gave birth to my first son since my water had broken but I didn’t start laboring.) I started feeling more pressure and I can’t remember if they broke my water to get things going faster or if it broke on its own. I don’t think my hubby remembers either. Things really started to get moving after my water broke. I felt a lot of pressure and next thing I know, my doctor and nurse were in the room as well as 3 pediatricians to check on my baby after she would be born. From the time I started pushing to the time I delivered my bg, it was 10 minutes. She’s number 4, so that’s all it took. She was born on a glorious Sunday afternoon, November 16 at 12:39pm. She was 7lbs. 3oz., my heaviest baby. I am totally blessed and in love. I heart her so!

this little lady was born with #nails #clawnails

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After her first doctor’s appointment.

me and my #newborn. thanks @1veenie for the #handmade blanket!!

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I can’t get enough of these 4. I heart them so.

why can't they sleep in?

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I feel so blessed, stressed at times, overwhelmed too, but blessed nonetheless.