Lenten Sacrifices

I’ve actually been doing ok with Lenten sacrifices.  I haven’t been inside a Target.  So, I haven’t been tempted to buy anything.  This has really been great for the budget.

As for the iPhone sacrifice, I found myself taking it to bed after a few weeks.  I want to blame our recent earthquakes, but I find myself going back to my old habits.  I need to exhibit more self control.  I am slightly addicted to social media.

I bought something online.  It was a fitbit zip, so that I can participate in my company’s walking challenge.  It started on April 1st.  Also, I made an online donation to Mr. C’s Walk-a-thon.  I donated at the last minute and that was the only option.  If I had been more organized, I would’ve been able to avoid that.

Lent, for me, has helped me to reflect on what I want out of life.

My heart of the day.

the little lady and her daddy, griffith park merry-go-round, march 2014

Fashion Friday – Kiddos

It’s practically April already.  Where did the time go?

Here’s the little lady when we went to Disneyland last January.  She’s sporting her cute little Minnie Mouse dress from Target.

my kiddo

Then, here are my two babies.  Mr. C decided that he didn’t want to join them anymore.  I just heart her little dress that I managed to find at the Old Navy clearance section.  (Clearance is the only place I’ll shop for these kids these days).
my 2 kiddos

Then the next time, Mr. C decided he wanted to join his siblings.  I’ve really got to keep doing these weekly because they are really growing way too fast.

my 3 kiddos

I heart them so.  I just wish they would grow up a little slower…

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

They say that “earthquake” weather is just a coincidence.  But, whenever we have an earthquake we have unusually high temperatures.  In any case, I was still surprised by the early morning tremor we had this morning.  Luckily, it wasn’t too bad and nothing was damaged.  The kids slept right through it.  I, of course, couldn’t go back to sleep.

With all the excitement that happened this morning, the only thing I remembered to do was dress the kids up in some sort of green.  I managed to forget to wear a single stitch of green for myself and actually got pinched as I was getting into the office. And I can’t believe I didn’t get any pictures today.  They were all quite cute.  Also, the Mister took the boys to get haircuts yesterday, so they really look well groomed.  They look all grown up, if you ask me.  I’ll post pictures soon.

So, for my heart of the day,  here’s a video from our local news that’s gone viral.

I heart the look on their faces.